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The Realms of Artorius
Fantasy and Adventure
The Realms of Artorius is available in print!

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The Nugget
Time, Life and Beauty
A tantalizing taste of the bizarre and fantastic, brought to you by the master creator, Artorius.
Galactic Night
Creatures of the Night
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Travel the world within, be intrigued, be inspired and most of
The Rose
Hot Lips
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The Woman in the Moon
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The Genie
Roman Soldier
Adam And Eve
The Bullfight
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Scary Christmas
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The Messenger
The Blossoming Woman
The River Festival
The Midnight Coffee Bar
Artorius brings his literary works to life with his own pain
Artorius Lady in Black
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My Lady in Black
My Country
The Sorceress
The Woodsman
The Jungle
The Butterfly and the Dragon
For more information email: art@artsgallery.biz
Artorius Sorceress
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Artorius Messenger
Artorius Woodsman
Artorius Jungle
Artorius Butterfly and the Dragon
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