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The Realms of Artorius
Fantasy and Adventure
The Realms of Artorius is available in print!

Poems of Fantasy and Adventure
Version  V May. 14-17

14 short poems
19 epic poems
26 original Artorius paintings

Binding: softcover, coil
Interior print: black-and-white
Total pages: 139
Total words: 37,000

Price: $25  (free shipping on orders of $50 or more)
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Artorius brings his literary works to life with his own paintings, conceived in voluptuous oils, reminiscent of a world where Vincent van Gogh might collide with Salvador Dali.

Travel the world within, be intrigued, be inspired and
most of all, enjoy!
From the book cover:
Welcome to the kingdom of Artorius.  Sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed.  Be carried away by the rhythm and the rhyme.  Witness the beauty of nature, within the deep forest or the mysterious mermaid seas.  Enjoy lighthearted fantasy or a devious display of diabolical cunning.  Artorius takes you to his world, with tributes to beauty, voyages to imaginary realms, and stories of love, lust and betrayal.

Assorted Selections

Will you journey the realm of the jungle with me,
Explore colorful canopies, atop towering trees?
I will savor each thoughtlet that springs from your mind
As we revel in the moments that drip from the vines

-  selection from Life

I like to go down to the sea at night to listen the tales of the waves
As they fall with their bellies upon the shoals, while up at the stars I gaze
A moonlit beach stretches out before me and a silver glow shimmers on the water
And I wish for a voice from a distant shore, calling me to travel out yonder

-  selection from Tales of the Waves

That night I slept quite fitfully, awaking from my dreams
My father's words tormenting me for what I lacked in means
Then all concerns were washed aside by wistful fairy talk
The fairy swept my fears away, 'razed all that I'd done wrong

-  selection from  The Turnabout

But her woodsman wasn't merely a machine of destruction
Felling forested flesh as he bore down with unction
No, her masterful craftsman savored fully the taste
And the smell of the forest with each stroke he made

-  selection from The Woodsman

Some say there's no finer than the life of a miner, when he senses the gift of the vein
His eyes open wide, with a fever he can't hide, for the fortune to be found in his game
But still others know of the whims of gold, that take hold of the innocent heart
They can punish the well-meaning, for all their naivety, and bring them to devilish arts

-  selection from Gold Rush

About the Author

Artorius Jonkerino makes his home in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  He loves the coastal climate and the scenery.  He takes his inspiration from the ocean, the forests, the plant life, the animal life, and, of course, the many beautiful, strange and interesting people to be found in this part of the country.

Artorius  is a multidisciplinary artist constantly striving for perfection as a painter, poet, author, lyricist and .performing artist .He aims to make every day immensely happy and productive.  His paintings include those inspired by classical masterpieces; fantasy, imaginative paintings based on his writing; and even a cartoon series.  Among his literary heroes are Robert Service, Lewis Carroll and Edgar Allan Poe.

"It's very rewarding to see somebody excited and happy about one of my poems, songs or paintings," says Artorius.  I have literally had people tell me my artwork changed their life.  Until it happened, I would not have believed it possible.
For more information email: art@artsgallery.biz