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The Realms of Artorius
Fantasy and Adventure
My Lady in Black: Oil on canvas inspired by the poetic work of the same title, also by the artist.  A dark, dangerous painting to go with a classic Gothic poem.

So many nights inscribed did I the books on Bathurst way
At letters, contracts, legal deeds I plied my dreary trade
Forsaking married life and love I'd missed a turn somehow
And in a dark and airless room I face my demons now
Artorius Lady in Black
The Sorceress, oil on canvas: A dangerous beauty is surrounded by symbols of fate.  The painting was inspired by the work of fiction "A Vicious Game," also created by Artorius.  In a dimly lit, smoky environment, all is obscured and unpredictable.  A challenging selection of hands await the players in this most unusual situation...

"... here she was now, at play at some game and scarcely could I guess what the rules were

As she rose to greet me, I gave her a kiss and fell under the spell of her perfume ..."
Artorius Sorceress
Artorius Woodsman
The Woodsman, oil on canvas: A dark, dreamy painting, inspired by the artist's work of fiction with the same name.  It drips of mystery and the artist’s love for the lush abundance of the deep forest.

"... But my woodsman wasn't merely a machine of destruction
Felling forested flesh as he bore down with unction...

Many times he would stop in a moment of homage
For the sacred fertility of the grove that he honored..."
The Butterfly and the Dragon, oil on canvas: inspired by the poetic work “Butterfly Captive,” written by Artorius.  Adventure, romance and philosophy all vie for the reader's attention, just beneath the surface of a fairy tale-like fantasy one could read to a child.  The painting includes many of the elements found in this imaginative piece.  

"The dragon beat at the castle door and it roared, with earthquaking brutality
While my butterfly quivered and shuddered in retreat, now in tune with her fragile reality

Within moments the dragon forced its way in, pushing pillars of my castle aside
And it screeched and groaned for all it might own, displaying its avarice full wide"
Artorius Butterfly and the Dragon
The Jungle: oil on canvas inspired by the story poem "Two Diamonds," by Artorius.  It is a dark, mysterious peice that hints at the beauty to be discovered in the most remote places on earth.  While captivating and colorful, they are also primitive and unquestionably dangerous.

"Walking along I caught sight of two stones
In the darkness of the jungle I detected their glow
Near invisible for wilderness, meadow and mire
My meaningless wanderings were immediately inspired..."
Artorius Jungle
My Country, oil on canvas: "In faraway places I've so long been gone, that I wonder, to which nation, do I really belong?"  A dreamy, magical painting inspired by the poem of the same title, also conceived by the artist.  It is a searching work, dedicated to the beauty of nature, a yearning for one's home and the love of a woman.
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Babylon The River Festival: Inspired by fictional writings of the artist himself, set in ancient Egypt. "When the parade reached the river, the drums began to beat.  Groups of fifty dancers at a time jumped and spun and chanted, making their way down the twenty minutes march of the river where the festivities were to take place..."  The painting is a spinoff of another work, the wine Festival also by Artorius.
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Discrete Version
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Life: Oil on canvas inspired by the poetic work of the same title, also conceived by the artist.  

"Life is a journey on a river that winds, between bottomless seas filled with droplets of time..."  

Artorius makes voluptuous use of water and nature in a colorful celebration of life.
The Midnight Coffee Bar, oil on canvas: inspired by Artorius' work of fiction by the same name.  A playful piece, the painting hints at an array of exotic delights to be found in this unusual late-night eatery...

"I saw her standing by the table, chocolate tanned with hair of sable, gleaming ring upon her navel, in the Midnight coffee bar…"
Midnight coffee bar 3-5 a72.tif
Artorius Messenger
Pussycat, oil on canvas: inspired by the artist's poetic work of the same title, which evolved from reminiscences of ancient legends and ponderings over 1001 Nights .  The painting contains the vital elements of a classic Arabic tale:  a mythical desert, a traveler,  an exotic Oriental city, undoubtedly rich with
treasures.  In the sky looms a veiled beauty protected by fierce guards who lurk in the shadows.  The constellation Virgo hints of an erotic encounter...
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