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The Realms of Artorius
Fantasy and Adventure
The Blossoming Woman, oil on canvas: Though the Blossoming Woman is unmistakably erotic, juxtaposing elements of an especially voluptuous flower, the iris, with female human sexuality, the painting is not just about eroticism.  The blossoming woman challenges all who see it, both male and female, to reckon with their obstacles and search for potential within.  Dare to discover a fitter, smarter, more capable you!
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Discrete Version
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The Genie, oil on canvas: inspired by Artorius' work of fiction by the same name.  "The Genie," speaks of a friend, missing for long periods of time, who makes sudden, unpredictable appearances.  When she appears, she brings inspiration and enlightenment.  When she disappears, perhaps never to return again, she leaves  her admirer in darkness and confusion.

Oh, when, my dear genie, will you reappear?
It’s been years since I cherished your spirit 'round here
To think of the time when you first shone so bright
The gift of a friendship born by warm candle light…
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Adam And Eve, oil on canvas: inspired by Artorius' long-standing desire to explore the creation myth.  The tree of knowledge, or enlightenment, is common to many faiths, though its interpretation varies.  The original beings benefit from, or suffer from, depending on one's interpretation, the taste of the fruit of knowledge.  An incurable optimist, Artorius takes the positive view, that Adam and Eve consumed heavily of the fruit of knowledge, enjoyed it most satisfyngly and celebrated afterward with an intense love of each other.
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A mysterious,dreamy, voluptuous painting, inspired by the artist's work of fiction “the Moon.”  The Woman in the Moon provokes thoughts of exploration, physical and philosophical, into the mysterious reaches, origins and the vastness of the universe. Our closest neighbor, she is beautiful and beckoning. She wields her wand encouraging us to ponder her powers. We may know her so well, or we may not, but she dares us to reckon with the fact that there is so much we will never know about the endlessness that surrounds us.
Roman Soldier, oil on canvas:  the artist portrayal of himself as a roman soldier, inspired by his epic poem "I, Artorius." The artist, like many of us, remains simultaneously fascinated and appalled by the accomplishments of the ancient romans.  While capable of great feats of architecture and empire building, the romans were equally famous for a harsh, callous, brutal culture.  Ultimately, all of their achievements resulted from reliance on slavery and repression.  What would it have been like to try measure up to the expectations of parents and elders in roman times?  Anyone with a small amount of sensitivity or empathy must have had great difficulty rationalizing their place in such a culture.  As in society today, there must have been a great many tortured by their experiences in battle.  Amid the spectacles of conquests abroad, and games at the coliseum, perhaps romans of influence lived in constant denial, knowing inside that each was a fraud.  Artorius' favorite line from the poem points at the relationship between pleasure and pain at the heart of roman society.
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The Rose, oil on canvas: inspired by the poetic work of the same title, also created by Artorius.  The painting is about the wonderful, yet fleeting nature of life.  A beautiful woman admires a collection of roses.  A garden teams with life.  Wheat fields are full, with a bountiful harvest.  All things to be enjoyed must grow and bloom in order to reach their prime of richness, yet all is impermanent, and must at some point wither and die.  We must enjoy what we have, since we can only possess it for a moment!

"But there will be a time, not far, when fragile petals quake
And lay there on the ground at some unpleasant later date
My fair, inspiring rose that stands before me on the path
Will hear the ever-plodding step of nature’s endless dance"
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Hot Lips, oil on canvas: inspired by the artist's poetic/rap creation,"The Candy Shop."  The Candy Shop is a juicy, edgy creation, making abundant use of familiar treats one might enjoy in their favorite ice cream parlor as symbols of sensual delight.  While the artist without question enjoys delving into all that can be appreciated in the physical human form, there is an underlying message:  sensuality is best enjoyed when not just a sexual, but an intellectual experience.
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