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The Realms of Artorius
Fantasy and Adventure
Scary Christmas, oil on canvas:  The painting was inspired by the epic poem, “the creature of Mount St. Petronius,” also by Artorius.  A dark and mysterious poem, delving into the history of a small town, in which a men disappear, often year after year, swallowed up in the midst of a storm.  The narrator sets off on a journey to discover the truth behind the legend…

So the story it grew, as I served the brew , and the gossip began to flow/And I drank to their luck, as I kept up my pub, that I bought three years ago/ Oh, I stood and I stared, at the fire as it flared, and I often wondered aloud/ “Is there really some truth, to this legend uncouth, of the monster upon the mount?”
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The Bullfight, oil on canvas: Inspired by the story/poem The Matador, written by Artorius.  A favorite of Pablo Picasso, the bullfight has certainly suffered in popularity and reputation since ancient times, when it could be considered a glorious triumph of man over beast.  Glorified triumph or pathetic humiliation followed by cruel destruction of an innocent animal, the bullfight was an irresistible challenge for the writer/artist considering issues awaiting exploration.  Artorius presents the bullfighter as a man in the midst of a spiritual journey, influenced by many forces.  The bull is a glorious beast that deserves much more admiration and recognition than the beef we serve on our tables.  Perhaps the bullfight does serve a point.

To all the crowd assembled there the matador was grand / He stood atop a pinnacle, beyond an earthly plan / He had an eye discerning deep and animal t'was rumored / And bore a seventh sense that probed the bovine's primal humors
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Creatures of the Night, oil on canvas: Inspired by the poem Under My Bed, by Artorius. When young, like most children, Artorius imagined strange, ominous and potentially deadly creatures surrounding him late at night.  Under the bed, behind closet doors, darkness can be especially fertile ground for the imagination.  The poem is intended to bring humor to this phenomenon, as is the painting.   Artorius hopes to offer confidence to all those who fear what may or may not be hiding in places unknown.

"Each night I awake in a current of covers / Surrounded by snoring, asleep are my brothers / I probe all around me, in the depths of the dark / Where creatures may be gathering to tear me apart"
Galactic Night, oil on canvas: Inspired by the poem My Star, by Artorius.  The poem was written to bring comfort to a friend living far away.  The painting was created considering a universal dimension to these thoughts.  The knight provides protection and mythical adventure.  The dreamer welcomes a journey into the glorious vastness of space, amid unending mystery and endless possibilities.

“Oh possibly, I ponder, when I look at the moon /  
There's a chance you'll be drifting this way again soon / For as sure as you shimmer, we are due for a dine / Amid skyfuls of giggles and twinklets of wine”
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The Nugget, oil on canvas: inspired by the poetic work Gold Rush, also created by Artorius.  The Nugget is a tribute to British Columbia, Canada's rich mining history. Artorius grew up in the Kootenay region of BC, where the mountains are visibly dotted by the piles of waste rock abandoned outside the shafts of old mines.   Perhaps even more fascinating than the minerals in the ground, is the wealth of stories that have grown over the years - stories of struggle intermixed with those of great discovery.  The poem, Gold Rush, speaks of a friendship, put to the test by the difficulties of this rugged pursuit.  

"..with zeal they attacked, and bent their backs, again for another load/ And thought, with every sifted stone, they'd find the nuggets glowed/ They toiled so long, without a hint of a song, that bounty lay beneath/ But woke each dawn, from delirious dreams, that whisked them on their way"
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Time, Life and Beauty, oil on canvas, was inspired by the poetic work "The Turnabout," also created by Artorius.  Time, life and beauty explores the balance of life, the forces acting upon us and the choices made.  Time approaches the crystal ball of fortune.   Old, worn and withered, time spent cannot be had back.  The next moment is coming into bloom; beautiful, full of potential and yet to be enjoyed.  Of course, you may see another story in the painting.

That night I slept quite fitfully, awaking from my dreams/ My father's words tormenting me for what I lacked in means/  Then all concerns were washed aside by wistful fairy talk/  The fairy swept my fears away, 'razed all that I'd done wrong
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