Driven by passion...

Determined to rise above obstacles...

This page used to contain a load of information about how Art got a start in painting due to a disastrous accident.  Sorry, if you are looking for sad stories, no more of that.

Sure, Art once spent some time in a hospital, landed in a wheelchair, and had a bit of a tough time getting his life started again, but that is history - ancient history.  More importantly, he was encouraged to "take up the brush," by a well-meaning friend and he almost instantly took a liking to it.  From that moment on he was devoted, practicing every week, taking courses and eventually turning his home into a studio.

Art's work is about exploring the possibilities, expanding the limits of his talents and inspiring others.  It's about passion and expression and fearlessness.  To face challenges and succeed in spite of the size and scope of the obstacles.  What would life to be without challenges? - Damn boring, I would have to say.

Life for Art used to be all about driving at the business goals, from early in the morning until the wee hours of the next.  Now it's about being happy, making other people laugh or smile and helping out when he can.  Make no mistake, he is still driven, but in a more calm and contented way.  

Good health, happiness and success to all!
Copyright  Art Jonker
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