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The Messenger
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The Jungle
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Tulips in a Vase
Venice, Grand Canal
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 Previous Display:
 Port Coquitlam
BC, Canada
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Artorius of Vancouver,  British Columbia, entered the world of painting through an unlikely experience - a motorcycle accident.  For a period of years his life was turned upside down and he struggled in search of a career that would be compatible with his new circumstances.  A friend put him up to the challenge of drawing and he was instantly hooked.
Have you ever wondered what it was like 2.5 million years ago when mermaids ruled the earth?
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Art Jonker continues to be fascinated by the sea and all of its creatures, both real and imaginary.
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Art Jonker's Pacific Mermaids
Sailboat en route to Lord Howe Island
Migrating Mermaids, Art  Jonker
Painting allowed Art Jonker to dream and  travel far beyond the constraints of normal life.   Art enjoys sharing his fascination and inspiration whenever he can.
Art rapidly progressed from drawing to painting with acrylic and oil paints.  He studied the techniques of the Masters, taking a particular interest in the Impressionist period, the Fauves, the Canadian Group of Seven, Emily Carr and the old Dutch Masters.  He also studied life drawing, and continues to take an interest in the human form.
At home in his studio, Art Jonker paints with a brush connected to a special mouth stick.
Art has developed his own style that emphasizes color and texture.  He continues to experiment with a selection of styles and subject matter.  A large portion of his work is shown on this site!
Copyright  Art Jonker
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